27th International Polar Conference: Intensive and successful days in Rostock

The 27th International Polar Conference of the DGP ended on Thursday, 29 March 2018, in Rostock. During four days an intensive exchange on „Polar Systems under Pressure“ took place. 188 scientists from 12 countries participated in the conference representing all disciplines of polar research. They discussed latest insights and results in 82 oral presentations and almost 100 posters.

Three poster prizes could been awarded which were endowed with Euro 300, 200 and 100, respectively. The 1st poster prize was awarded to Luisa von Albedyll (AWI Bremerhaven, „Properties and Circulation of Glacially Modified Waters at the 79 North Glacier“), 2nd prize to Nikea Ulrich (DLR Köln, „Extreme Bacfinder: Microbial Diversity and Distribution Within the Vicinity of the Concordia Antarctic Station“), and 3rd prize to Ilias Bougoudis (University of Bremen, “ Long-term time-series of Arctic BrO derived from UV-VIS satellite remote sensing“). 

In her public evening lecture in the auditorium of Rostock University’s main building on Monday, 26 March 2018, Prof. Antje Boetius, Director of the Alfred Wegener Institute, discussed „Polarmeere im Wandel: Was wissen wir über die Tiefsee“ (Polar Oceans in Change: What Do We Know About the Deep Sea). She impressively highlighted the fascination of polar research, especially in the deep sea, and identified a number of open questions to be answered in the near future.

The 28th International Polar Conference will be taken place in Köln, September 2020.